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Ms. Varsha Swamy is a young psychologist with a Bachelor's and Masters' degree in Applied Psychology from WCC, Chennai. She is a keen observer and can diligently identify core issues and implement appropriate interventions.

She has specialized in areas involving pre-teenage and teenage behavioral problems as well as improving academic performance. Her core strengths include her objective approach and ability to interact effectively with those of all age groups.

Varsha has worked as a sexual health psychologist at the Dega Institute, Chennai under the able supervision of Dr. D Narayana Reddy.

Varsha has gained work experience in areas of relationship, marriage and parenting under the able guidance of Mrs. Saras Bhaskar, a Consultant Psychologist in Chennai. Another area of her expertise is in adoptee counseling. Building self-esteem confidence and assertiveness are other services she provides.

Her ability to connect with clients providing a wholesome counseling experience virtually has led to a successful online counseling forum that has allowed her to reach out to and help people from different parts of the world.

Currently residing in the United States, Varsha fixes appointments with her clients via email therapist.varsha@gmail.com and carries out the sessions using Skype. Her id is: varsha.swamy2.