MoU has been signed for one year starting December 1, 2023, with Soul free INSPIRE Centre, Tiruvannamalai. Its India’s first integrated sonal rehabilitation centre that offers holistic residential rehabilitation services of world class standards for those living below the poverty line. The goal is to provide optimal self-reliance from a physical, psychological and socio-economic perspectives.

Dr Saras Bhaskar with a team of four volunteer counsellors extend appropriate guidance and counselling for the residents and coresidents of the centre. The project is called “Nambikkai”, (HOPE) which will be managed by four committed volunteers who are the “Natchirangla” (STARS) in instilling hope to the spinal cord injured residents at the Soul Free- Inspire located in Thiruvannamalai.


As a Humanistic Therapist, I specialize in Positive psychology with Client-centered Counseling, SFBT, and Logotherapy / Meaning Centred Therapy. Fostering personal growth and Self-actualization. I integrate principles from Humanistic Psychology to empower individuals in their journey of self-discovery. Through empathetic listening and unconditional positive regard, I facilitate transformative experiences, promoting holistic well-being and meaningful connections.

Studied in Psychology in IDE University Of Madras 2016-18. Part of CCF (Chennai Counselors Foundation) for 5 years.

Usha Rao

Usha Rao, a Faculty member for Psychology and mental wellbeing counsellor with M Phil in Psychology and Diploma in Counselling to her credentials. She has over 8 plus years of teaching experience of Psychology in International School curriculum. And as a Students’ Counsellor, she has been supporting over 2 years now.

She has over 10 years of Corporate training experience specialized in Attitudinal and Behavioural areas. Her passion is to help the needy through NGOs as a volunteer. Wide exposure in Heterogeneous groups has given Usha Rao a unique perspective in the learning process in various age groups.




Sumithra is a qualified and experienced Consultant Psychologist with a strong background in various counselling methodologies and techniques. Holding a Master's degree in Psychology, she has augmented her academic credentials with specialized certifications and diplomas in counselling from reputable institutions.

She has 5 years of experience in counselling. Currently serving as a Student Counsellor at Sree Narayana Mission Sr. Sec School, she demonstrates her commitment to supporting the well-being of students through personalized one-on-one counselling, group sessions, workshops and online consultations. Passionate about contributing to the progress of mental health awareness and advocacy.


Completed Master’s (MSc) in Counseling Psychology – Dec 2022
Completed BWRT Training in Mar 10th 2024

    ♦ Volunteer Counselor, with Dr Saraswathi Baskar, for clients from Soulfree, Tiruvannamalai.
    ♦ Practicing as a Counselor, in above address, offering Counseling services in various mental health conditions
    ♦ 100 Hours non-paid Hands-on experience in handling client in take (history taking, presenting complaint, appropriate evaluation tests, mindfulness), with Dr Sumathi Chandrasekharan, Triplicane, Chennai.
    ♦ Completed workshops on REBT, CBT, Psychotherapy under Prof Thenmozhi and Prof Veerapandian during May-Jun 2021
    ♦ Attended 120 Hours of Abhav Training in Counseling Psychology in Jun 2021
    ♦ Completed offline 100 Hrs Internship as part of Course with FIKA, Chennai
    ♦ Completed 30 Hours internship with Psychoflakes, Bangalore, May 2021
    ♦ Completed Career Counseling organized by Samadhan Goyam. Certificate issued by Samadhan Goyam in collaboration with Counselors Council of India (Membership No. CRN9524114)
    ♦ Attended Certificate Training on Counseling Skils, organized by INSPA, conducted by Dr Smitha Ghosh

Membership in

    ♦ CCF
    ♦ TNCPA
    ♦ INSPA
    ♦ Registered in MSME as “Inner Space”
    ♦ Registered in NCS as “Inner Space”