Varsha Swamy

Dr. Varsha Swamy

Varsha Swamy, holding dual master’s degrees in applied psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy, brings a wealth of experience spanning diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds. Over the past 10 years, she has worked extensively with individuals, couples, and families in outpatient, private practice, and workshop settings both in USA and India.

Specializing in trauma therapy and systemic empowerment, Varsha excels in helping clients recognize and communicate their underlying emotions. She is adept at guiding them through the process of challenging destructive patterns and embracing authenticity in their interactions and relationships. Trained in modalities such as Gottman, PACT, and EFT, Varsha emphasizes the importance of communication and co-regulation in fostering safety and connection within romantic partnerships and families.

Expanding beyond her clinical practice, Varsha is highly sought after by universities and corporations to lead dynamic workshops on a range of topics. In private settings, she offers workshops tailored to aid individuals and families, covering preparedness for adoption, marriage, and navigating the complexities of social media and trust with children.

In corporate environments, Varsha specializes in workshops focusing on women's empowerment, change management, leadership development, and
enhancing soft skills essential for effective client interactions. Varsha's decade-long journey has culminated in the development of a group practice in Colorado, US, where she continues to merge Western techniques with Eastern cultural competence to redefine productivity and development today.
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About us:
After a decade apart, Dr. Saras Bhaskar and Varsha Swamy are thrilled to reunite and synergize their ability, driven by a shared vision to instigate sustainable change rooted in safety and growth. As a mother-daughter duo, they plan to harness the combined power of psychology and marriage and family therapy. Varsha, equipped
with intensive training in trauma-focused care from her time in the US, will spearhead the therapeutic branch of this new venture. Whether directly working with clients or overseeing and training therapists, her goal is to ensure the highest quality of care for all. Meanwhile, Dr. Saras intends to use her 30+ years of human resource management and counseling experience in enhancing the corporate sector to contribute to their shared mission.

Dr. Saras Bhaskar

Dr. Saras Bhaskar is a Counseling Psychologist, skilled in identifying psychopathology, and offers necessary therapeutic guidance. Her niche area is Health Psychology focusing on Bio psychosocial framework emphasizing psychological wellbeing of people.She incorporates traditional and contemporary therapeutic techniques in her counseling interventions.

She retired from her private practise since 2023. Currently, has taken NGO projects through Agaram and Soul Free- Inspire, Tiruvannamalai, having more than 12 volunteer counselors extending free individual and group counselling.

As a Corporate Consultant, she continues her services. Her experience in design and implementation of proactive solution-based curriculums is multi-fold. As an objective problem solver, she is an expert in identifying organizational needs, to design and curate customized solution-based programs. With her specialization in HR Management, she can empower all levels of personnel throughout the organization. Dr Bhaskar periodically facilitates need-based workshops and training programs for MNCs, private companies and Governmental and non-Governmental organizations.

Dr. Saras Bhaskar

Her interest and passion in the field of counselling have empowered her to develop intervention modules for “adoption counseling. Currently she has collaborated with “PADME” and designed ‘adoption competency training’ which was offered as a certificate course at Mt Carmel College, Bangalore.

Dr Bhaskar is a resource person for the Department of Social Welfare in Tamil Nadu and facilitates training for case workers on need basis. For the last 15 years, she has been offering preadoption (preparedness for parenthood), and post adoptive care for parents and children for a smooth assimilation and transition.

In a collaborative project with Gopalan and Associates, a law firm, scripted and played psychologists role in the documentary film on psychological implications of “Sexual harassment at workplace”.

She appears on local television channels, and her interviews and expert comments appear frequently in The Times of India, The Deccan Chronicle, The New Indian Express, The Hindu and other Tamil newspapers and magazines.

Her vision to empower counseling professionals in the field of psychology gave birth to Chennai Counselors’ Foundation. Started in 2004, CCF provides a platform for counseling professionals to share knowledge, expertise, provide cross-referrals and train for growth and advancement.

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Dr. Saras Bhaskar

Counseling Psychologist and Corporate Consultant

Academic Qualifications

  • PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Madras, Chennai India.
  • Master of Art in Human Services, Counseling & HRM, St. Edwards University, Austin Texas
  • Master of Arts in Applied Psychology, SIET College for Women, Chennai Tamil Nadu, India
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, QMC College for Women, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


Journal article publications

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Membership Affiliations

  • Associate Life member, Indian Psychiatric Society.
  • Associate Life member of Indian Association of Applied Psychology.
  • Founder - Chennai Counselors’ Foundation, Chennai India.
  • Past Member, Board of Studies (M.Sc Psy) - Justice Basheer Ahmed Syed College, Chennai.
  • Past Member, Board of Studies (M.Phil, M.Sc Edu). Manormaniam Sundaranar University, Thirunelveli.
  • Past member, Board of Studies (M.Phil, M.Sc., B.Sc.,) Women’s Christina College, Chennai.