Head, South Regional Resource Centre,
CHILDLINE India Foundation,
HO Mumbai

As on organizer of the Childline South Regional Conference, I take pride in sharing my feedback. Dr. Saras Bhaskar was the facilitator for our 8th caseworkers conference held in Trivandrum on 5 Dec 2006 and 6 Dec 2006. She had designed the curriculum in a manner where the knowledge disbursement happened in a gradual and progressive direction. She engaged all the participants with several activities and games to impart better learning.

She started the Day 1 with an exercise on Teamwork that set a tone to the objective of the child line. In simple terms, she categorized simple and chronic mental disorders. She gave necessary information to identify mental disorders. She was thorough in teaching the group about the child growth and developmental needs and challenges that elicited audience participation. She was very knowledgeable in discussing about the behaviors in distressed children from the psychological perspective. Day 2, she covered the areas of creative thinking, communicating with distressed children, families, colleagues and team members. A simple exercise on creative thinking involved the participants to think to resolve any possible crisis or conflict situations. The participants shared enthusiastically their intervention strategies. Motivation and the types of motivation created was a great source of information and the audience participated in the case study discussion and presentation at the end of the second day. Overall it was a great learning experience for about 40 caseworkers who had attended the program from all over South. On any given day, I would recommend Dr. Saras Bhaskar for training programs for she takes great pride in what she does and is very committed to give the best the population she serves.

Untangled/Edex Section/The news Indian express, Chennai edition